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Hey guys in this artical I show you exactly how to get your products from the manufacturers in China to an Amazon Fulfillment Center I show you the easiest fastest and quickest way in this idiots guide to sending shipments from Alibaba to Amazon so the Chinese warehouse as we have here aka Alibaba two options you can either send it direct to the Amazon Fulfillment Center and I'll show you how to do that or you can send it to your home address for example in the UK and then on to the fulfillment center as home address hey I've got a picture of booking in palace so it wouldn't be surprised if the royal family also starts selling on

Amazon very soon also remember everyone the Amazon Fulfillment Center that you're sending to is completely random you can't select that beforehand is when you create a shipping template Amazon will tell you using their complicated logistics algorithms which fulfillment center to send it to then a lot of the time after they've received it they actually disperse that inventory further and send it send a little bit to one center and a little bit to another one well you leave that to them we we know involved with that part of the process I remember when I first started Amazon this whole thing with labels and how the stuff actually gets from the far-east seemed very complicated so I'm hoping this will simplify things for you so just randomly screenshotted you know a couple of messages from Alibaba just to give you an idea of what

you're going to see so when you're on Alibaba and you get a quotation you've contacted the supplier and they give you a price this is the price so as an example five dollars and fifty cents you need to convert that obviously to GBP UK British pounds if you're selling in the UK now they also might give you an ex works price exw this is the same thing all this means is if we went to the Chinese factory and we stood outside the door and we bought items from them that is the price they would give us that doesn't include any type of shipping at all and we need to know that then you can get a quote for example as I've got further down here of the shipping price and a lot of the time they will tend to ship via air DHL FedEx or TNT as in this example here

eight hundred and forty-five dollars how does shipping work and I'm using shipping for the purposes of this video because it's the simplest way when you're brand new selling on Amazon you should really consider air shipping there are several advantages the main one being is a lot less complicated and to do air shipping in a cost-effective way you have to be going for kind of light or medium weight products so from the Chinese warehouse aka Alibaba we can get it to any UK destination whether that be a home address or the amazon fulfillment center if we're just sending to a home address we don't need to create any shipping template we just need to pay their suppliers or the manufacturers and they will send it for us and we can

use a fast shipment option like DHL T&T; Farex that takes usually around five working days or a slow way which where we can use an air freight forwarder and that can take 10 to 12 days upwards and usually your suppliers actually have connections with various freight forwarders so you can actually ask them to recommend somebody if you wanted to but a lot of the time when I first started I was air shipping I just took two DHL now this is the really important part and this is where people get confused this is usually the

stumbling block it's when you actually create a shipping plan and when you unmanage inventory on your seller central account you scroll to the right and you click on edit and you scroll down and it's the button that says send replenish inventory for that particular product and the options you have here obviously for marketplace destination is the UK if you're selling somewhere else for example in the UK you could change that we rarely click on individual products because all of our products will be exactly the same in each big large container or carton so as UGK spat items the only way you'd click on individual is I

don't know if you were sending some rubbish she had at home in the garage and there's lots and lots of different items and you're sending that in the same box to Amazon maybe old Batman dolls or whatever you have in your garage but this we don't usually need to do where the difference lies is in the ships from so this could be from your UK address which you could enter here for example your company address or this could be from the Chinese manufacturers he can ask them for their address especially if you send in direct from there to the fulfillment centers so that's where the difference is so what happens with the actual shipments well what happens if you're sending it from

your home address is you get the inventory from your supplier first so you don't need to make any shipments for that you just pay them the money like I said once you get it to your house then you can create a shipment plan from your home address to the fulfillment center and they will choose a fulfillment center for you the cost with UPS is around 5 pounds per box that's all included in the shipping plan and they'll deduct up from your account and once you've created the books labels on that shipping template you literally stick that label on top of the box and that is all and then ups can

either collect it from your house or you can drop it off at any recognized UPS collection center usually a lot of your local news agents will be able to collect that for you the other way like I said to do that is to send it directly from the manufacturers the suppliers to the fulfillment center but that you have to do the shipping template first because you need to give them the labels so this time the ships from will be their address pray all the labels as normal enter details about number of units carton size etc you can get that all from your supplier very easily a lot of the time if you using the right templates they will have sent it to you already

and then you email them the labels they stick it on the box you pay for the normal shipping charges and then they send it so when it gets to the airport here is sent by whichever courier you are using to the Amazon Fulfillment Center so it really is just as simple as that the only other real significant additional cost is import duty or import b8e and that's usually in the UK around 20% on the declared value of goods on your commercial inbox if you like more information on that or a video please mention it in the comment section below there's any part of this video you didn't follow you weren't sure about or you had a question about anything related to selling on Amazon please again mention it in the comment section below I have a
comprehensive training program that covers every aspect of the Amazon selling business including quite complex topics if you're interested is the first link in the description below I hope you all have a very productive week thanks for listening again and I'll speak to you all very soon.

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