Hey guys my name is mr suns and I'm a first-year mergency medicine resident today I want to talk about a pretty common question in my channel and that is how to study effectively for exams and with the exam season right around the corner I think now is a great time to talk about it and without further ado let's jump right in my tip number one is to stop procrastinating and have a study plan I know that sounds really

obvious but it's also one of the biggest pitfalls of studying for an exam the last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute to study for exams waiting until the last minute can get stressful and most of the times it can result in a grade that's not ideal the best way to stop procrastination is by prioritizing and having a study plan if you haven't already I suggest creating a schedule of when your exams are going to be

one of the ways I approach making a study plan is by actually quantifying the materials you have to know for an exam so to make a simple study plan I like to quantify what I need to know and then divide it evenly by the number of days I have to study I then at a comprehensive review day or day a'practice questions to really make sure I know my stuff and then I take the exam the next day this is a basic skeleton I used to study for all my exams in medical school as well as big exams like USMLE step 1 and 2 for the most part what you're going to study for first it's going to be dictated by

which exams you have first but sometimes exams aren't spaced out evenly so be sure to prioritize ones that are harder to study for so for example if you find chemistry challenging then it makes sense to prioritize it over a subject you don't find as challenging once you have a plan on when to study my second tip is find an area where you can study people have different preferences when it comes to study locations some people like to study in a quiet library or at home while others like to study in a cafe with some background

noise in both scenarios you want to find an area where distractions are minimal so that means if you're easily distracted at home then maybe you consider studying in the library and alternatively if you're easily distracted by people then it will be better to study at home a lot of people have told me that they find study with me videos to be really helpful when they're studying if you haven't tried them you can check out

some of mine up my strive studies channel my third tip is to change our study style for different subjects some classes require a lot of memorization while other classes require a lot of applications so for example classes like anatomy and pharmacology require a lot of memorization while a class like general chemistry and math require a lot of application so for classes that require memorization I've made a video in the past

about how to best memorize and I'll link that video up here and stay tuned because I'm looking to update that video in the future for application heavy constants like chemistry or calculus the best way to improve your grade is to keep doing practice questions this memorization can only get you so far my fourth tip is to study in groups and avoid stressful people one of my

fondest memories in the medical school is studying groups it was like a security blanket because we were able to compare notes help each other with concepts problems from practice questions and things like that the key to having a productive group is making sure that everyone is on the same page and with that said there are some people that you may want to avoid if you're studying with someone that you're close friends with after a while it may be hard to stay on track because you may end up distracting each other so the best way to go about this is going back up to my first tip

which is having a plan schedule one to meet up and what topics we'll cover and once you're done with that you can either go back to studying separately or move on to other classes to cover I personally like to avoid people who stressed me out especially during exams and this might mean having some quiet time to yourself before exams instead of joining in on the conversation about what you know or don't know what

you think is gonna be on the exam I think anxiety can definitely play a big role in how people do an exam so it's best to avoid people who stress you out and stay as calm as possible before taking your exam finally my last tip is to make sure to get enough rest sometimes all-nighters can seem like it's appealing but again going back to my first tip if you're planning and prioritizing there's really no need for all-nighters sleeping should be a priority several studies have shown that sleep is required for consolidation of memory and without it

it's harder to absorb and recall information I've talked about the importance of sleep in a previous video which I will link up here but really quickly the lack of sleep comes with a lot of negative consequences winces and learning like decreasing the attention span memory loss and the ability to concentrate so please make sure to take care of yourselves and get enough sleep so that's all the tips I have today on how to best study for exams and before I close today's video I'd like to thank brilliant for supporting today's video one of the most common questions I get regarding medical

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