8 Ways to improve your LISTENING SKILL in English

Hey guys welcome to my channel today I am going to teach you different tips and tricks how to understand native speakers because sometimes they have such axes that their speech makes no sense to us non English native speakers so if you're interested please continue watching now when I was 14 I went to the UK and I

stayed with a local family I went to local school it was like a two-week trip and during that trip I realized I do not understand what people are telling me because what we learn to school the English that we've learnt at school was actually Russian version of the English language and when it came to the UK and British people have this very distinct accent and they use

Really weird words sometimes like weird for a Russian speaker I just couldn't get what they were telling me the only person I could interact with was my host mom because she really made an effort to speak like a English language teacher so like that separating words and what I wanted to communicate with British kids I had a lot of trouble because they didn't want to make

This effort and thus I didn't get what they were saying so when I came back home I realised I cannot just continue learning English than in the way I have and I have to do something else I have to do something new and now I'm gonna tell you what I started to do tip number one practice listening while reading simultaneously and you guys are very lucky because now we have YouTube we have Netflix which means

that you can switch on a video on YouTube like this one you can just switch on subtitles on this video thanks for subtitles and read along that would help you train your visual part and train your listening part because you're gonna see the way I'm opening my mouth and you're gonna listen to what I'm saying and then your brain is gonna connect the two and this will train and train and train you when I was a kid we didn't have YouTube we

didn't have that list I even didn't have access to Internet all the time so what I used to do I used to sing along to Britney Spears and you remember the CDs when we had like a little book coming with a CD with lyrics for every single song and that's what I did just listen to her music because I loved her and I just sing along I'm reading to the lyrics the next step that I've taken when I was 16 I went to the UK and I realized that Lily Allen

Who later became my favorite singer was really really popular so I bought her a CD and this is the way I learned British accent because she sings with a really distinct British accent and when you sing go on when you read those lyrics and you listen to her and you start to understand British people better advance tip if you think that this is too fast like marina you're talking too fast Lily you're singing too fast Brittany is singing too fast what you can do you can slow down the video

2x in YouTube and you could do it now right here down in the bottom section see it slowed down the video 2x my voice will become really weird but then you would be able to follow me because sometimes yes I agree do comments sometimes they tell me I speak too fast but this is something you have to get used to because when you come here nobody will really make an effort to speak slower just because you do not understand you will have to play alone and you will have to just adapt

To whatever is happening and in terms of accents I would say British accent has been the most difficult for me because it was really tough to understand British and they have a lot of regional access like in London people would use one accent then you travel one hour away from London and it would be a completely different accent the easiest country to understand accents is actually Canada because they have a mix of

American and British and its really really mild so if you're planning your trip abroad to study English I would really recommend Canada check out a school's below a winger trip my favorite of Silas C and I also went to I lack myself I like Toronto and if you guys love music like I do I recently bought a electric piano I just sing songs in English and this is also the way I practice my pronunciation the way of practice listening skills if you think that you're advanced you know what you have to do I try to sing along Eminem lose yourself

but he keeps on forgetting why do you robot and if you're brave enough you can record it and put it on your Instagram and tag me hashtag lingua marina hashtag lingo trip I'm gonna check it out and I'm gonna give you my feedback let's try it tip number two when native speakers speak they tend to say one sentence as one word so they don't say do you want to grab a coffee yes this is really easy for you to understand but you have to learn to understand one sentence as one word

Do you want to grab a coffee that sounds just like one sentence this would also help me with spoken English because you have to do the same in order for people to understand you could you repeat that tip number three in order to be able to understand when native speakers are talking you need to be able to understand distinct words sometimes you don't have to understand the whole sentence you just have to get what are the most important words in the sentence and then you're

Gonna figure out the meaning so don't worry if you listen to somebody and there are some words you do not understand and this applies to reading as well you don't have to know every single word and if you feel that you have to check out every single word that is new for you don't do that because if you're reading a book and like every third word is new then you won't be reading a book you will be just consulting your vocabulary and dictionary all the time your task is to figure out what are these most important words in the

sentence and the most important words uh normally nouns adjectives and verbs there are a lot of filler words that you don't have to understand and normally native speakers pronounce them less louder than the main words the worst that you don't have to really get our articles and prepositions like articles a V and prepositions like at on to if you don't get them that's okay and people tend to kind of swallow them and be ready for that hello so for example if you would go to the coffee thing you can just omit all of the function

words and you're gonna get you won't get cup coffee actually if you say that native speakers are gonna get what you're saying and when native speakers pronounce those functions were it's really fast do you want to get a cup of coffee you want to get a cup of coffee you know what you've heard you want to get cup coffee and you don't really hear those function words and this is how the native speakers speech works tip number four native speakers tend to use a lot of filler words like like like I'm saying this but like I

don't mean this you get it right so like is everywhere I was like I was like meditating what you should know is that like has no actual meaning it doesn't make any sense in the sentence it is just used for you to win some time and think of what you're trying to say next sometimes like replaces actual words and this is when you have to get the meaning so for example and I was like let's go and see the movie so in this case I was like replaces and I said also like is used when you are uncertain of something I think he's like a doctor maybe so you are not sure if he's a doctor as you see people

used like all the time sometimes it makes sense sometimes it doesn't it's important for you to know what are the cases when people are using like and this applies to many words in English and this is why I'm teaching you a lot of idioms a lot of slang words so when you hear the native speaker you will get exactly what every single word means so write them down and remember them okay and number five as I mentioned there is so many accents I would say in America like if you travel from west coast to the east coast you won't

really hear the accent I can say that something is weird about the speech but it won't be able to tell what exactly but if you're in the UK and you go from London to Edinburgh oh my god you're gonna hear it straightaway their accents are really really tough first don't panic like it's okay even native speakers panic like when I was in Germany and I when the Zurich people speak German in Zurich but they speak Swiss German I couldn't get a thing and it's okay it

Happens to native speakers as well normally when you come to a city you adjust to local accent and you get the local accent so make sure if you're travelling to the right place because when I travel to Great Britain um when I was 14 15 16 I went to those language schools and I ended up having a nice British accent when I was 21 and then I moved to America and well it took me maybe like two or three months to change my accent to American one and it's okay just be ready that if you spend some time in a certain environment you're

gonna get the accent and if you spent a lot of time in Scotland for example in a small village in Scotland make sure that um you try and sound more traditional when you're talking to people outside Scotland word up my last advice for you is to expose yourself to as many accents as you can and if you're traveled to a big city like New York like Los Angeles you're gonna meet a lot of people and the more you talk the more you the more time you spend in the environment the better

you get an understanding access watch as many movies and TV shows in English as you can as I mentioned there are several websites where you can do that now flexkom you can switch on subtitles HBO now is my favorite because on HBO now you can watch Silicon Valley my favorite TV show and Westworld which is also a great one so you can buy subscription there for like $14 and you go and watch them and of course the best thing you can do is travel and spend a

couple weeks or a couple months abroad while studying in a local language school the link will be below you can check out the school's check out the pricing will be happy to help you and you know reach your goals and dreams in English if you love music get yourself a piano and start playing and singing your favorite song single on to your favorite singers please comment down below with your favorite movie that you watched in English so that other people could get some ideas what they want to watch if you're not yet subscribed to this channel there is a red button please hit subscribe and please share this video with your friends who are studying English language and struggling to understand native speakers please like it and I will see you soon in the next videos bye 

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