3 Websites to Make Money Tutoring or Teaching Online

Hey buddy elevator entrepreneurs it's mr suns with elevated business 101 and today I want to talk to you about three websites where you can teach or tutor online so the first one actually before gives the video go ahead and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already especially if you like videos that has to do with helping you to make money online start your own business or grow your own business.

It's time to go one the ways

okay so I am at VIP kid comm and specifically with VIP kid what you will see is on this first page you can earn fourteen to twenty two dollars an hour to teach English online now this is specifically for teaching children and hold tight if you don't just want to talk with children or teach children because there are other opportunities where you could work with adults as well so just hang on and so with VIP kid as it says you can pick your own hours and you're teaching English specifically okay

with the VIP kid though because you are working with kids who don't speak English as their native language and they're learning some of them may be you know may know a little bit of English some of them may not know English at all you are going to have to work with a schedule of another country or a schedule that is a completely different time zone if you are in the

United States for example or you know essentially in an english-speaking country like Canada and so forth so just keep that in mind if you apply for a VIP kid you're gonna have to work with schedules like for those students who are located in China okay and they may work with some other countries just kind of search this website to see I didn't apply for this one but I do apply for the other two that

I'm about to show you so here is the next one and that is cambly cambly comm so with cambly this one's really cool because you can work with adults with cambly and I really like cambly specifically because you can communicate with people by video and you're just chatting you're just having a conversation that's it and with cambly you can use your phone and video chat on your phone or you can video chat on your

laptop or desktop computer so as you can see here it says learn English at the touch of a button you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play with Kathleen they're gonna take probably about a week or more to get back to you to let you know if you've been accepted yeah and so keep that in mind I think cambly is the one where I'm trying to think if this is the one where I applied and I had to do a video recording of myself yeah.

I think this is the one I had to do like a video recording them myself to just say hi and talk about what my interests are because they're gonna pair you with someone or with lots of someone's who are interested in some of the things that you're interested in in this one pays seventeen cents per minute so you'll make about ten dollars or so an hour yeah you can chat for fifteen minutes or however long you want with whoever the person is that you're connecting with you can connect with multiple people or multiple people a day yeah so that is cambly

I'm actually kind of excited about that one just chatting in my spare time when I have nothing to do and walking around or just sitting waiting for something this is a cool idea all right and then the last one which probably is my favorite of these three is I tutor calm and the reason why I'm kind of excited about this is because I am a teacher and I do tutoring on the side and so this is a website a platform where I can do tutoring online from home which is great because otherwise typically.

I'm driving to my tutees and so what with I tutor calm you can actually tutor more than just English so VIP kid was for teaching English cambly was for communicating with people in English to help them to learn English and improve their English because some of them really know English already and I just want to get some more practice with the language and and with kamilly they're all over the world i tutor I think they

look for people who are based in the US and possibly Canada as well and with isuna comm you go through an application process it can take 30 minutes or so it didn't take me that long actually and you just upload your resume and they're looking for teachers who are actually certified by state their state to teach English or not just English all subjects as it says here all subjects K through 12 so history science math etc and even to teach test prep for the SAT and a CT for college and

stuff so I like I tutor they apparently we'll get back to you within even three days of you submitting your application I submitted my application I think it was one or two days ago so I think I got like one or two days left to go before I hear back from I tutor like I said I like this because I get to do tutoring from home I don't have to go anywhere yeah so I hope you like these if you are interested in teaching online or tutoring online if you have any questions go ahead and drop them in the comments below.

I'll let you know about my application process have you Kurt if you're curious about that what happens with gambling and what happens with with I tutor a VIP kid I've heard tons of great things about VIP kid on YouTube already so I'm guessing that that one's really good but I didn't apply for that one so anyway you can drop me your questions down below again subscribe to my channel if you have it already.

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