Easy tips to improve handwriting and write neatly and fast

Hey guys today I'm gonna teach you five tips to improve handwriting and write neatly and fast so let's start tip 

1st tips

You should use a gel pen mostly we should use a Chapman but you can use ball pen but it should be with the good things slow not the file rupee is one of the ten rupees but the good pens with a good ink flow or you can use a gel pen also okay abracadabra legally - yeah so this type of pen you can use you can use a dry Max or five rupees gel pen will also work tip. 

2nd tips

you should always always keep your hand on the copy on which you are writing like this I think so now we should move to the desk. 

3rd tips

This is a pen most of the people have the habit of doing of putting the cap on the pen and then no we shouldn't do this we should take out the cap keep it aside and then right because this reduces your speed and it because it makes the pen heavy so you shouldn't do like that ok yeah.

4th tips

This is the most important tip to hold the pen how to hold the pen or the pencil which you are using this is a pen some people who are like this ok some some people like this also I've seen some like this no but the see you have to do like this one two three it should be triangle yeah now put the pen inside the triangle and make the triangle small small small small this this is the way to hold a pen okay or a pencil so that the writing is neat okay yes it did.

5th tips

Number five last it is that almost 60 to 70 percent of the world world's population the people make some letters very very very very badly the some people who make some letters very in a very bad way they're totally wrong so I'm gonna teach you that so let's move to the blackboard now so the letter R the letter R is something like this this is the right thing but people make it this is the wrong thing second is said this is the right thing but this is the wrong thing then need to pee yeah tea is like this this is the right and some people make it like this is wrong this is f this F also f is like this correct but people make it like this you interchange so these are some of the letters that you have to correct so these were the tips but you have to practice right thing if if you're writing is not good you have to practice it please keep practicing keep keep writing it keep writing some paragraphs or something on a copy okay with a good pen which I am told okay and please if you have any cursive writing books please keep practicing English so that your right thing and your the making of your letters get some root okay so please keep practicing and try to improve your mistakes don't cut a lot please try to improve and then don't use white now please don't use right now so I think I'm too much yeah so you have to end it now please subscribe like share comment please please please as I'm a new youtuber please support me so that I'm like I can have almost 100 subscribers my wish is only hundreds of it's okay I mean you and you I'm a new one please please please support me and subscribe my channel okay my friends stay imaginative stay creative and stay tuned to my channel and if you want to comment something you want to say something say anything in the comments down below bye Easy tips to improve handwriting and write

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