How To Make Easy Money Just By Listening To Music Online

How to make easy money just by listening to music online and earn $4 per song stay tuned because that's exactly what I'm gonna be showing you in today's video make sure you stick around to the eggs are gonna be showing you a lot of websites and you're not gonna want to miss any of these alright.

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learn how to make a full time income online it can make big money online using the exact same methods and strategies and I use myself don't forget to check out my number one recommended way to make some money okay it's gonna be the first thing right at the top of the description go there and check that out okay so without further adieu guys let's jump with computer I'll show you how you can make easy money online just by

listening to music let's go alright so guys so here we are on the computer now we're gonna show you these four different websites that you can use to make money just for listening to music that is literally all you have to do listen to music give some opinions and then you're gonna get paid for your time okay so this is the first website but I want to show you this is we localized so they will pay you to actually transcribe lyrics to

Different songs okay if you don't know what that is basically gonna be listening to the music and then writing out all of the words okay that is what transcribing is listening to it and typing out what you hear so they're gonna pay you four dollars per song that you transcribe okay as you can see here registered to transcribe music lyrics for four dollars per song that is pretty good money guys okay most music you know

it takes their around three four five minutes long no longer than not usually longer and that's some are but usually around three or four minutes long and you can get paid up to four dollars per that not bad around one dollar per minute which is great great money okay and another good thing guys is they will hire from most countries as long as you can speak English on a native like level as you can see here the question do you speak

English at a native like level that's all you really need okay you don't have to be a native English speaker you don't have to be from the USA the UK no Australia countries like that you can be from anywhere but you do have to have a really really good command of the English language okay so if you have that you can apply to this website just come to here cuz we localize calm okay go to that website and sign up right here a really nice way to make money just listen to music okay watch the video above then register to transcribe song

lyrics sign up below receive an invitation to scrum turn scribe and download the applicators they have an app for this as well an application that you're gonna need to download and then step 3 start transcribing you'll be paid per song four dollars per song and they're currently the guys are currently only hiring for French and German transcribers okay so that's all they hiring for right now but in the future that they're always opening for different countries different different music different different languages all sorts of stuff like that okay so come back and check this website every

now and again see if they're hiring for your language right now okay so there we go guys that is the first website let's move on to the next one the next website here is a hit predictor so as it says here how to predict the next set what we do and why hit predictor gives you the power to directly influence new music before it's released review music and in gift cards for qualifying participants check out our daily contests and price tour start listening today and have your vote be

here okay so basically guys all you're gonna be doing with this is you can be listening to music before it even comes out okay and then they're gonna you're gonna rate it depending on the ratings the guest from all of you people who are writing the songs depending what like where it's gonna get played on the radios and if it's gonna go on Spotify and whatnot okay they want to know what music people like what is popular right now okay so check this website out as well this is hit predictor you can find it at hit predictor calm not much more to say about this guys just listen to music give it a

short review tell them what you think about it and then you're gonna earn gift cards for doing that it can make money like Amazon gift cards all sorts of stuff like that alright so check this website out as well next up here we have sliced the pie so I can't actually access this website I think it's because I'm in Thailand and I don't have a VPN on right now so I couldn't access this website but they do have an app as well so I'm showing you the iTunes App Store version of it right now okay but they do have a website as well just Google slice the pie and you'll find it or check it out on your

smartphone okay this is on the this is on Android devices and Apple devices as well okay so same as the last video showing you you can get paid to write reviews on new songs okay so any songs that are coming out you're going to be listening to them first before they even come out usually and then you're gonna be writing a short review on that or and you get paid for each song that you do it with okay so they have other ways to make money on here as well you can review like fashion items and accessories ourselves right down here okay look write reviews on new songs

fashion items accessories and commercials before they are released so that's all you have to do okay look at some pictures of accessories and items and adverts and listen to music and write reviews on at all and get paid to review it okay that's all you have to do to make money on this website and app so like I said guys just Google slice the pie and you'll find it there I can't access the website in where I am in Thailand see if you can in your country and let me know in the comments as well if it's available or not in your country how about other people save save them wasting the time if it doesn't

work in like your particular country so leave a comment down below for me help me out and how about help that the viewers out as well and last but not least guys the last website I'll be showing you is research dot F M okay so this website just like all the other ones I've shown you in today's video they are going to pay you to listen to music okay so as you can see it says right here what you're gonna have to do it says we'll send you an invitation to take a survey so come over to the website first create and research FM account once you've done that they're gonna start

sending you emails to emails with invitations to take surveys okay so you're gonna be listening and to and rate short music samples on our secured server in case the secured server because this music is like unreleased so they don't want it you know getting released to the public beforehand okay and then you can claim your rewards in the form of an Amazon gift card alright so they don't pay you actual money but that you can claim Amazon gift cards for your time so

this is a really nice one I've hear a lot of good things about this website research FM so check this one out as well check out all four showing you today okay we had we localized hit predictor slice the pie and research FM check them all out and like I said leave a comment down below for me letting you know if it's available in your country or not like it's gonna help me and it's gonna help out other viewers who are wondering the same thing alright so thanks for watching guys this is that is pretty much it dinosaur for websites alright then guys that is it for this video I hope you enjoyed it if you

did please don't forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe share with anyone is gonna be interested in this leave a comment letting me know what you thought about this alright and don't forget to let me know if these websites work in your particular countries need a comment and tell me that too guys don't forget to check out my number one recommendation ok first leg or I the top of description that is my number one recommended way for you guys to make some big money online check that out but thanks for watching I will catch you in the next video

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